Whistler & Seattle

Woke up in Whistler, BC and went to bed in Seattle, Washington. Rise and shine…we woke up in Whistler and knew we wanted to experience a little more of what Whistler had to offer. We went on an approx 3-mile pre-breakfast walk around Lost Lake which had a fantastic view from the dock. The Tiny Toads were migrating so the entry to the Lost Lake park was closed but the kids loved watching out for the Tiny Toads along the walk…I have to say they were pretty darn cute!


After the walk, we tried to grab breakfast at a local pancake joint, but we were on a time crunch so we grabbed a yummy Starbucks coffee and breakfast to go instead. Must get back to Whistler ASAP!

Green Lake, Whistler

Once we fueled up, we headed back to the Four Seasons to change and pack up.

On the road again! Not too far into our road trip, we stopped to check out Brandywine Falls. It is a 5-minute walk from the highway.  When I go back, I’d like to hike to the bottom of Brandywine Falls.

We also stopped at another stop, Porteau Cove, for an amazing picturesque view. There were people floating, paddle boarding, kids swimming, and more! We just couldn’t get enough of the views!

Once we made it into Seattle, we checked into our Airbnb in Belltown. Belltown is a great place to stay within walking distance to Pike’s Place Market, Space Needle, Pioneer Square, Southlake Union., and much more Great place for families and has a bit of a nightlife as well for a couples getaway! Our building was a great fit for us…Belltown Court.

We checked off the Space Needle on our first night there! To be noted…we bought our tickets for the Space Needle AND Chihuly Gardens and Glass from a kiosk after talking to someone regarding the trio tickets which also include the Museum of Flight which we would have 2 weeks to use all three. We didn’t think we would have time for the Museum of flight so we chose the 2  instead of all three. The Duo was a same day usage. When we went to the Chihuly Museum, she told us that our tickets were for entry to the Space Needle at 7-7:30 and that we had to use the Chihuly technically within 24 hours. So we swooped on over to the Space Needle and crossed our fingers that they would let us into the Chihuly Museum the next day. The sun was setting over Seattle so it was a magnificent time to be at the top of the Space Needle. We checked out the revolving glass floor as well…a must do, unless you are GG or Zane!

The kids played a the Artists at Play playground adjacent to the Chihuly Garden And Glass Museum until we all started to get hungry! We decide on pizza from a perfect little place around the corner to our building and our waitress decorates the takeaway boxes. She was so cute and informative!

None of us were sleepless in Seattle after a busy travel day! This is the pullout couch in our two bed two bath condo in Belltown Court.


We ventured over to the Chihuly Museum the next morning and I decided to just hand them out tickets and see what happened. They let us in no problem! Whew, because it was absolutely stunning!

We then headed to Pike’s Place to check it out. After walking through all the vendors, we found our way to the GUM WALL! My mistake was to give the kids gum right then and not a bit before. Their gum was not up to prime bubble bowing quality! Although extremely GROSS, we had to check it out and add to the fun!

Zane loved the Fishmongers and all the fresh fish displayed.


We continued on our way and discovered the Amazon Spheres near the Amazon Go shop. Of course, we downloaded the Amazon Go App, and went shopping. Super cool and bizarre all at the same time. You load up your bag and walk out…no checkout.

Also, Finley wanted to prove that she could blow a bubble.



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