Wishing I was still in Whistler…

On our way into town, we stopped at Whistler Olympic Park where you can experience the biathlon, hiking, biking, and more. We only had a little time to spend so we checked out the ski jump and let the kids experience the biathlon. We had an Olympic hopeful, Hannah, instruct the kids at the shooting range. Zane hit all five targets…impressing us all. Finley only had one shot and got extremely close! Fun spur of the moment stop on our way into Whistler.

We arrived in Whistler around lunch time, parked in the Village, and grabbed a sandwich at Ingrid’s. We found a bench and enjoyed a little picnic.

We were only staying a night in Whistler so we splurged on our accommodations and stayed at the Four Seasons Whistler. Finley and Zane may never want to stay anywhere else (me, too)! They were greeted with a marshmallow and owl stuffy upon arrival and a cookie the size of their heads later in the room. Nice touch!!

IMG_7756 2

Peak to Peak Gondola and Suspension Bridge:

This was on Gary’s bucket list. He was so excited to experience this! Zane was just about over all the Suspension Bridges and chairlift rides! He was a trooper though and pushed through. GG passed on this experience and took some time to shop around the village. FYI…we bought our tickets at around 2 pm through the concierge and were not aware of closing time. We took a gondola up the mountain, then hopped on a chairlift to go up to the Suspension bridge. While in line to head back down we learned that the last Peak to Peak Gondola ride was at 4:45. It was 4:31. Ummmm. Luckily, they were locals and told us that it was a 6-minute chairlift ride down then we needed to huff it up the trail to the Peak to Peak Gondola. We made it just in time…hearts beating and breathless! Whew!

IMG_7657 2


So my suggestion would be to allow more time to hike the trails and explore the top of the mountain.

That evening we ate dinner at a Mexican spot and continued our walk through the Village. Had to snap our 67th pic in front of Olympic rings…these are in the Village Olympic Plaza!


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