Pedaling Our Way Through Vancouver

Gary and I are big fans of bike tours while traveling. You get to see a lot in a short amount of time. We like to do them early in our trips so that we can go back to any spots if we need to. We’ve done tours in Paris, Barcelona, Munich, two in London, and now Vancouver. The Cycle City Vancouver bike tour was Finley and Zane’s first bike tour. We were pretty confident that they would be okay after reading reviews and a description of the tour…and they were! Zane likes to stick close to the tour guide so he is basically a shadow to the guide and Finley does not fall far behind. The Grand Tour was a 5-hour tour with lots of little stops and a longer stop for lunch. The tour started downtown just a block from our hotel and took us through trails and forest in Stanley Park, along the Seawall, over to Granville Island for lunch, through the Olympic village, and more! Highly recommend it!

Stanley Park Totem Poles

We even spotted Prime Minister Trudeau on a run through Stanley Park. He is taking a selfie with other runners who spotted him!


Granville Island:


Finley and Zane had been begging to swim in the hotel pool. So Gary and I grabbed our computers to sit by the pool to get a little work done while they cool off.

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