San Diego Sunshine

San Diego was introduced to us in 2016, so when there was talk about heading back there this summer, we were all in! We stayed in the same HomeAway this year because you can’t find a better location! It is on Mission Bay and a few steps from the ocean side. The bay is quiet and calm whereas the ocean is a bit more adventurous! We love both sides but tend to hang out in the Bay a little more.

IMG_6026 2

One thing we did differently this year was…Instacart! We combined our lists and had our groceries delivered directly to our HomeAway! It was fabulous! That allowed us to enjoy a little more beach time!


Both years, we rented a kayak that we could bring in at night and carry out to the bay when we wanted to go out a little further.

Gary and his mom also rented an electric tandem bike for a few hours. They really enjoyed the ease of riding it and rode all along the boardwalk!


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