Stanley Park, Suspension Bridge, and more!

We decided to wake up slowly on Saturday as we had already had a couple of long days. that being said, we were ready to go around 9 am so we set out to find some breakfast. We had mentioned donuts to the kids, so of course, they said yes! Well, easier said than done. I am used to donut shops opening at the crack of dawn, so when we were met with a “Closed” sign at 9:30 am I was shocked. We tried a couple other quick healthy options for mom and dad but they were closed also…sleepy little Vancouver.

At 10 am we headed back to get the kids Cartems Donuts.


We found Tractor Foods for mom and dad (avocado toast for dad and oatmeal for mom) and were finally ready to take on the day. We hit up Prospect Point in Stanley Park for a beautiful view and photo op.



We knew we would explore Stanley Park a bit more on our bike tour the next day so we decided to head on to the Capilano Suspension Bridge for some thrilling times!

Because we weren’t sure what day we would visit the bridge, we did not buy tickets in advance. When we drove up at about 12:30, we saw the loooong line for tickets. So we sat in the car for a few minutes while I booked tickets on my phone. Thankfully, we were able to skip the ticket line only to stand in line for the actual bridge. To let the line die down a bit we did the Cliffwalk first and took a free 10-minute informational tour. I’d recommend going closer to opening time if possible. The line for the bridge was about 30-40 minutes long.

Once across, we also decided to explore the Treetops Adventure.

After our late breakfast and bridge adventure, we were all very hungry so we ventured into Yaletown for a little late lunch. We arrived during happy hour…score!!!

We knew that the Olympic Cauldron from the 2010 Olympic games was close to our hotel, but hadn’t seen it. It was an easy walk from our hotel along the waterfront to check it out.


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