Sightseeing around Seattle

While traveling, we were averaging 10 miles of walking a day! The kids have a Vivofit Jr. that tracks their steps, GG’s been checking her Apple Watch, and I’ve been reviewing my iPhone Health App…we compared notes and were all pretty close to one another. We’ve been covering a lot of ground.

We had checked off all the spots we knew we wanted to see in Seattle (Space Needle, Pikes Place Market, Ballard Locks, etc) and ended up with an afternoon free. After a brief Google search, we stumbled upon Snoqualmie Falls, just a short drive out of the city. We hopped in the car and were off on another adventure. Snoqualmie Falls did not disappoint.

There are 2 viewing spots…one at the top and one at the bottom of the falls. You can hike to the bottom, but we decided to drive down…our legs were getting pretty tired after 8 days of walking 10 miles a day!

We couldn’t resist dipping our toes in the water. Mommy even climbed over the rocks in a dress and Birkenstocks!

Snoqualmie Falls

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